Ashley Swanson


Gradient Mobile Game

Solo, Game, Xamarin, Android, iOS


Built using Xamarin Forms, this Gradient is a clone of the mobile game I Love Hue. The game shows you a grid of squares, which are coloured in a gradient. It then randomises the squares, and the purpose of the game is to rearrange the grid to show the original gradient again. I built the app in a weekend, and used the next two weekends to polish it off and fix some bugs. It needs some more work, to improve the colours it generates, and to fix a platform specific bug I'm seeing on iOS.


Horse Jam Game

University, Group, Game


Horse Jam was the first game I ever made. It was made in a few hours by me and an artist, as part of a game jam during my induction week at university. The aim of the game is to simply jump over the obstacles that come in from the right. It was made in GameMaker lite. While it isn't exactly the best game ever made, it was voted the best from the game jam by our lecturers, and won me and my group a £20 Amazon voucher,

Matrices and Macros

University, Solo, Maths


This assignment was for Maths for Modelling and Rendering, which I submitted around Christmas 2015. Overall, I received 78%, and also a mock award from my lecturer for "Most Innovative Animation". There were two parts to this project, 2D and 3D. The 2D element consisted of drawing a shape and manipulating it using macros, and the 3D element was the same, but required more work to project it into 2D for rendering. I drew a tank for 2D and a house for 3D. Both parts were controlled using form buttons, and the tank could move, aim and fire, while the house could be rotated around, and the door could open. My lecturer said that the 2D animation was "inventive and entertaining" and that the 3D section was "equally impressive with a well-designed spreadsheet." The only suggestions I received were to implement some more advanced features such as rotation around an arbitrary axis and different projections.

Meet Ch4rli3 Game

University, Solo, Game


"Meet Ch4rli3" was the second game I ever made, and the first to include my own art. It was for an assignment at the end of my first semester at university, and received a mark of 72% overall, with some good feedback. The game takes place in an underground facility, where you are remote controlling a robot, Ch4rli3, back up to the surface. As you get closer to the surface, Ch4rli3s connection gets better, and more functionality is restored, introducing new mechanics as the game goes on. Some of the positive comments I received from my lecturer included; "A very innovative start", "Checking for functionality is a great idea" and "A well thought out game".